Saturday 5 November 2016

Partner "Deck of Cards" - 30 min AMRAP of: Diamonds - Ring Dips, Hearts - Pullups, Clubs - Split Snatch @ 95/65lbs, Spades - Burpees *Partners will take turns flipping over cards and completing the work corresponding to the suit and number (all face cards are worth 10). Aces equal 1 rope climb. Make sure you're deck includes 2 Jokers. When the joker is flipped over, the athlete will tell the coach, who will then choose one of 3 movements for the athlete to complete: Bear Complex @ 95/65lbs (7 cycles w/o dropping; if bar is dropped, 20 burpee penalty), 100yd Sled Push @ 275/185lbs, or 50m Yoke Carry @ 285/195lbs. If your team makes it through the deck before the 30 minute time limit, then re-shuffle and continue.