Battered Womens Shelter: UPDATE guys did it.... again. 

So many members volunteered to help with the shelter this Saturday, that I had to turn people away.

I love this community so much. I can't even put it into words.

Today, I got the opportunity to tour the shelter myself for the first time. I feel more passionate about this than ever before. This shelter is in terrible shape. I wish that each of you were with me today, because I know that you all would have been LIT UP with the opportunity that we have here to impact the lives of some precious families in our community. 

The project for this Saturday is demolition of the kitchen space. It is a rather small space, so we felt that a crew of 8 people would be the most effective. Eight of the members that have volunteered have been contacted to help with the work for this Saturday already, AND one of our members also volunteered to bring breakfast for our crew too (things I would have never even thought of, thank you Lauren). 

This is only the beginning. As soon as this space is complete, we will move on to the living/dining space, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms.

Since we only needed 8 folks for the demo, we will still have a Saturday WoD, coached by Curtis. AND since I promised a Sunday WOD, I'm going to coach one this Sunday at 1pm (you guys get to help me program it). 

For the future, the plan is to get a crew together each Saturday, after the WOD, to go up to the shelter and work on whatever needs to be done. After kitchen demo, the big things we will need help with in the kitchen are: drywall, cabinet hanging, electrical work, and plumbing (if you are skilled in any of these areas, PLEASE let us know in the comments, we could really use your help). We will also need unskilled labor for things like painting walls, laying floors, assembling furniture, deep cleaning, etc. We are working with the project manager on a project schedule. As soon as I have it, I will share it with all of you. 

Once the kitchen is complete, we will work on the living spaces, and then the bedrooms. 

For this Saturday, please consider loaning out your tools (bring them to Moontown by Friday night, we will return them to you on Monday). The tools we need right now are crow bars, hammers, utility knives, cordless drills with bits, sledge hammers, sawmill with blades, Skills Away and Wonder Bars, a hand truck, and a water hose. If you plan to donate these items for our use on Saturday, please mark them with masking tape, with your name, so we know who to return them to when the project is finished. 

I am so thankful for every single one of you. Thank you for making a commitment to make yourselves better, and to make the lives of those around you better. Each of you inspires me every day and I thank God every day for making me so lucky to be included in this community.