The OPEN is Coming!!!

The CrossFit Open starts February 23 and runs through March 27th. 

The Open is a set of 5 workouts, released over 5 weeks. CrossFitters all over the world will get a chance to do these workouts and compete with themselves, their gym buddies, athletes in their city, state, region, and across the world. 

Our gym participates in the Open a little differently. We use it as an opportunity to workout together, spend time getting to know each other, eat a few meals together, and participate in some friendly competition too. We do the Open workouts as a big event each Friday night over the course of five weeks. We will have two teams, each competing against each other for points. Each person can contribute to their teams score, so whether you are doing the workouts prescribed or scaled (yes, there IS a scaled division) you can help your team out. 

We also have two ways that you can sign up. You can sign up "officially" for the Open via the CrossFit Games website here (make sure to choose CrossFit Moontown as your affiliate). Doing this will allow you to enter your workouts online and track your progress/rank. If you'd rather not sign up "officially" but want to participate, do the workouts, and hang out with us on Friday nights, you can just sign up at the gym. Its $20 for the five weeks, and all the money will go toward a big dinner/drinks after the last workout. Amy will have a sign up sheet at the gym.

The Open is always a fun event, we look forward to it every year. It gives you a chance to challenge yourself, cheer each other on, and enjoy time with family and friends for a few weeks. 

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. We really hope to get a lot of folks signed up, the more people and the more variety in skill levels, the more fun the Open will be!