Moontown Whole 30 Challenge Group Starting March 19!!

Several of our members participated in a January Whole30 Accountability Group and had INCREDIBLE results. We are now extending the challenge to anyone that is motivated and committed to take the challenge with us. W30 Challenge Group start March 19-April 17.

You don't have to be a member to join us, and there is no cost to participate!

Here is how it works:

You will be placed in an accountability group on Facebook.  You are required to post a picture (or description) of your meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - every day to the group, and workout at least 3 times/week for the entire 30 days.

If you are interested please comment here so that we can place you in the group!

Matt and Amy Verock decided to share their Whole 30 success story with us all.  Please see below!


Matt's Story:

Amy and I moved to Alabama in mid 2015 with our two boys, Jackson and Hunter.  Through a myriad of "reasons" (I.e. excuses) we had lost our way in terms of focus on health and fitness.  I travel a lot for work... a lot.  That leaves her at home on her own with the boys responsible for school, food, sports, clothes, the house, the pets, and on and on.  While we said time and again we wanted to "eat healthy and get in shape", we never really took the step to move from words to action.  For Amy, she was never far off from where she wanted to be.  Lose a little weight, more energy, but she's always stayed in pretty decent shape.  For me, it was getting a little more serious.  I was dealing with acid reflux, low energy, not sleeping, joints hurt, found myself in XXX shirts, and worst of all my blood pressure was crossing into needing medicine.  We joined crossfit Moontown in mid 2016 and started our journey together…  And then came Whole30… the real game changer.

Amy's Story:

Matt wanted to join the Whole30 group and Nicole had been telling me for a while how great it was. I was very resistant to commit to Whole30. I am very picky about what I like and don't like to eat, but for me the biggest fear was telling myself I couldn't have certain things. If I am told "you can't eat this" then I want it even more!

Since Matt was on board, I agreed to follow along with him for most meals. In the beginning, I said to myself, just try to stick with it as much as possible and if I mess up, no big deal.


We initially slowly started transitioning our diet to paleo and while it helped it wasn’t the big bang we were looking for.  We eventually signed up for our first round of Whole30, with some of our friends, starting in January 2017.  The Whole30 experience was life changing.  Food, caffeine, energy, seasoning, sugar... it all changed.  We did it together and with our friends which made all the difference.  Support, accountability, recipe sharing all helped immensely.  We cook all the time now.  It's more an integral part of our life than just a diet or a fitness routine... it's part of the fabric of our lives.  I dropped 19 pounds in that first month of Whole30.  I no longer need caffeine to maintain energy through the day.  I can perform better in the box, my body feels good, I sleep much better and I’m on the verge of all new clothes (and belts!).  The way we look at food now is completely different.  What tastes good, cravings vs hunger, everything!


Much to my surprise, I made it through the entire 30 days! The meals we were cooking were delicious, the support from the rest of the group was amazing and I surprised myself! Now we will be sticking to the Whole30 as much as possible as we move forward!


We've made some of the best friends we've ever had... Moontown is like family to us.  As much as we like the workouts (and we really really do) I think the camaraderie and friendship has as much to do as anything with us going back day after day and that extends right into Whole30.  It was like a big team of people all working toward the same goals, sharing recipes, encouraging each other, and pushing each other to succeed.  The best part of it… the food is awesome.  It takes time to shop, plan out meals, have backups for times at work when you are on travel, have meetings, whatever… but it’s totally achievable.  I can't say we've hit our end goals yet and I think once we do, we'll make new goals.  I think for us it's a journey with no end but one that has more benefits than we probably ever could have imagined when we took those important first steps.  And we are doing it together and sharing this experience and example for our kids and I feel that is important for them to see.  Everyone at Moontown is so inspiring for many reasons and we feel so amazingly fortunate to be a small part of this family.