New Membership Rates Effective May 1, 2017

Since opening our doors in October 2012, we have only raised our rates one time (2014). Even after doing that, we remained on the lower side of the CrossFit pricing spectrum in the area while offering one of the largest facilities along with a high level of professional coaching. We take pride in our ability to both learn about you and teach you complex movements.

Over the past 5 years, we have been dedicated to increasing our capability through facilities and equipment. In particular, over the past 2 years we have worked to configure our space to best fit the needs of our athletes, while also adding to our equipment inventory. Even still, we're not satisfied. We have plans to continue the work of serving our community even more.

Currently, we are in the process of adding 3 new coaches to our staff. This will allow us to cover our current schedule more effectively and add classes (more on that in the coming days). The CrossFit Kids program started back up earlier this month and we have already seen a great response to that. There are also plans for a CrossFit Kids camp in the summer. In doing that, we will have a template for other camps in the future. We recently hired Brad Hester to handle workout programming. We have also introduced a better way for our athletes to track workouts (check out the ZenPlanner app if you haven't already). In the coming months, we will be introducing various clinics as an opportunity for our athletes to get specific work on some of the skills and drills we perform during the workouts. And we will continue to work on bringing more useful resources into the community.

Effective May 1, 2017 we will adopt the following price structure for 6 month contracts:

Full Moonie – Unlimited classes per week $150/month

Half Moonie – 3 classes per week $125/month

Child Care for the Little Moonies $15 for the first, $10 for each child after (paid monthly)

Discounts 10% for 1Service Members (active or retired), 2Couples or 3Signing a 12-month contract 15% for combining any 2 of the above

*This price change will not affect those who are currently under contract. We will honor the original terms. However, the new prices will take effect once your current contract term ends.

**We will also continue to offer old pricing for those who have stuck with us since the beginning. All of you will be grandfathered under the 2014 rates ($120 unlimited, $100 for 3x/week and the same discounts apply). Thank you for staying with us through all these years. We hope you will continue to do so!

Also, it is important to note that we are implementing contracts for everyone. It's a standard contract that has provisions for injury, re-location, etc. The sole reason for using contracts is that it helps us with business planning. We can serve our members more effectively using this system. Everyone has the option not to sign a contract. And if you opt for no contract, you will simply pay a higher price (add $20 to the above prices, other discounts still apply).

The bottom line: No one likes to hear that the price is going up. We understand that. Our hope is that you will continue to see the value in what we offer at CrossFit Moontown. Aside from that, your monthly price is ultimately an investment into your own health. It's very hard to put a price tag on that. The increase is about the equivalent of eating out one night. We hope that doesn't cause too much of an issue for anyone but we do want to know if it will. Feel free to reach out to us in person, on the phone or any other means. We care about our community and we will work to help our clients grow and improve for as long as we have the opportunity.