Strength Cycle Week 3



Congratulations on another week of strength training in the books! We are now entering Week 3 of this cycle. I was very excited with the effort that I saw last week. We had several members using their previous 1RM for their sets of 3 on some the lifts. This is awesome!

The next two weeks will focus on heavy singles and accessory movements. For example, today you can see that we are performing an EMOM of heavy Bench Press singles while the WOD includes full squat cleans as well as light weight thrusters. Thursday will feature a similar scheme with a Dead-Lift EMOM and the WOD will include Handstand Push-ups (Shoulder Press accessory) and Pull-ups (Gymnastics Work). The following Monday/Thursday will follow the same pattern with the lifts alternating.

This week I would like to spend just a minute talking about nutrition. This discussion will likely continue over two posts, but today I want to start with the basics.

It is important for us to fuel ourselves properly if we want to optimize our results. Despite the fact that you are not as sweaty as you are when you crush a metcon, strength training puts a significant demand on your body for replenishment. What does this mean? In simplest terms, it means you need to eat when you are hungry.

I know that some of you have recently started a Whole 30. This is a great program to help you clean up your eating and set a baseline for your nutrition. One of the side effects of a Whole 30 can be weight loss -- typically in the form of fat loss. Unfortunately, even though it seems that fat loss should not have an impact on our muscles or strength, evidence shows otherwise. But I have good news. You can absolutely continue to make strength progress while eating clean as long as you continue to eat when your body sends you cues to do so. Do not try to be a calorie cutter on the Whole 30 and expect to see strength gains.

For this week, I want to leave it simple. Do not ignore hunger cues. If you feel hungry, go eat something. I'm not saying eat a candy bar or stop in at a fast food place; I want you stick to a veg/fruit/protein combo. But whatever you do, don't go hungry. Next week I may dive into what to eat and when. Sneak peek: Eat Protein and Carbohydrates (doesn't have to be Grains!) after a WOD.

Keep up the good work!

Coach Brad