We are happy to announce that we will be adding classes to the schedule! Beginning next week on Monday, May 1 the following schedule changes will go into effect:

An 1130am "lunch" class will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday

A 930am class will be offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (this addition will obviously cancel the 10am Friday "Open Gym")

AND, the 615pm class will be added back on Tuesday and Wednesday!!

*Here is a daily representation of the changes:

  • Monday: Add 930am class, remove 1130am class
  • Tuesday: Add 615pm class
  • Wednesday: Add 930am class, add 615pm class
  • Thursday: No change
  • Friday: Add 930am class, remove 10am open gym

All other classes remain unchanged.

Thanks for your input, we are excited to add these new class times!!