Strength Cycle Week 1



I am amazed at the turn out we had at the gym last week! Clearly we really struck a chord with the introduction of this new strength cycle that will begin in earnest this week!

Over the next 8 weeks, we will continue to work on the current focus lifts (BS, BP, DL, & SP). This coming week can be seen as a template for how most weeks will look during this time period. The loading scheme is designed to mix low volume and high volume strength training to maximize results and hopefully keep things more interesting. In general, the focus lifts will rotate from Strength/Skill to WOD from week to week.

Monday will feature 3 sets of 5 on Back Squat as the Strength/Skill (S/S), and the WOD will feature sets of 5 on Bench Press. For the S/S, I want to see you guys warm-up and then start performing sets of 5 reps on the Back Squat. Ideally you would reach your heaviest weight on the 3rd set, but it is entirely possible that you may complete your 3rd set and feel like you have more in the tank. That's okay, push yourself! If you find that is the case, you should go ahead and add weight and complete another set (For logging purposes, we will just log the last 3 sets of 5).

For the WOD, we will be picking a Bench Press weight around 65-75% of the 1RM that you determined this past week. Your goal will be to pick a challenging weight and stick with it throughout the entire workout. The sets of 5 in the WOD are intended to be performed without re-racking the bar (i.e. unbroken).

Thursday will feature 3 sets of 5 on Shoulder Press as the S/S with sets of 5 Dead-Lifts in the WOD.

I want to be honest with you guys that there is nothing magical about any strength training program. The only way to get stronger, is to dedicate time to lifting heavy weight. All of the other coaches and I are excited to do everything we can to help you, but it is up to you. Now is the time to start putting in work!

Coach Brad