Strength Cycle Week 4



Great work on the first round of heavy singles last week! I talked to quite a few athletes and most everyone said they were already seeing improvement if not already hitting new PRs!

We are now starting our 4th week of training which will continue on heavy singles. Back Squat today and Shoulder Press on Thursday. We will also be repeating the Strict Pull-up sets (4 x 8) that we performed 5 weeks ago when we were testing.

Last week I started talking about nutrition. My plan was to do a big write-up on the subject, but as I sat down to work on this I realized that I did not want to overdo it. The nutrition subject can get pretty complicated and feels a little never-ending. Basically, the points that I brought up last week are a good way to frame it for us. Here are a few bullets to consider:

- Try to eat real food versus taking supplements

- Try to consume a decent portion of protein and carbohydrates within 30-60 minutes after a workout (avoid fats during this time period, your body doesn't metabolize them well after a workout)

- Eat when you are hungry

- Avoid processed sugars and grains when possible

My goal is to help you increase your strength numbers without having a significant increase on your percent body fat. To do this, we should try to eat cleanly most of the time with the a minor exception being right after we finish our workout / lifting sessions. Most people know that it is good to take in protein after a workout, but this is also a time frame in which our bodies can use carbohydrates efficiently to replenish our muscles. A general rule of thumb is to eat a normal sized plate of food after your workout with half being carbohydrates (Rice, oats, potatoes, etc.) and the other half being an animal protein. This is a goal that can sometimes be hard to live up to which is why so many athletes will drink a protein shake quickly after a workout. This is fine -- I know our busy schedules can easily drive these things, but most experts will tell you that eating real food is preferred to consuming concentrates via shakes and powders. Just something to think about.

Let's continue to attack these workouts this week and eat up!

Coach Brad