Just a Few Updates...

Greetings Hamptonites...Hammies...Covies...Hampton Cove CrossFit WODers, (phew! we need a name that doesn't sound crazy!)

Things have been busy behind the scenes here at our box. And we wanted to make you guys aware of some changes that will be taking place.

On July 1st, we will begin transferring all of you over from Zen Planner to Wodify. It is our hope that this new database will be easier for everyone to use and enhance your experience here at the gym with some fun, interactive features. It is basically a bigger, faster, stronger Zen Planner. You will be able to enter in all of your scores and track your progress. Additionally, you will be able to check in to classes right from your phones and enter your scores on a virtual white board (we will soon be installing tv screens in the gym to display workouts and a leaderboard).

As of August 1st, every member will be billed on the 1st of the month. Because our previous system had most everyone billed on their start date (for example if the day you signed up at the gym was the 14th of the month, you were always billed on the 14th), most of you will likely have a prorated first bill in Wodify. Here is an example scenario: Let's say you were billed $150 in Zen Planner on June 14 for an unlimited membership. That means you have paid to work out at HCCF from June 14 through July 14.On July 14, your new account in Wodify will become active. So your first billing cycle will be July 14-July31.Because you are only being billed for those days, your membership dues are prorated to $78.39.  On August 1st, you will pay $150 for the whole month of August.

(And speaking of billing...Heads up! Jon and Willa own HCCF under the name Petrichor Properties. So if you see this name on your billing statements, you don't have to cancel your cards! It's legit!)

You will all be receiving a welcome email from Wodify soon. In it you will find a link to your profile and info on how to download and use the member App. You will be able to go into your account and add your credit card info into the system for autopay. We are also asking that everyone go ahead and sign the digital waiver, regardless of whether or not we already have a paper waiver on file for you.

Thanks for being so patient and encouraging during this transition time. If you have any questions or concerns about any of this stuff, feel free to email us or pull us aside at the gym. You guys are amazing!