Saturday, 1 July


 Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

Practice Sandbag toss over pull-up bar and make 3-5 attempts at an "as heavy as possible" toss over a bar that you cannot touch without jumping.Med balls can be used for scaling

Metcon (Time)

Partner Up
5 Rounds for time:
2 x 25 yd Sled Push 375/270
50 Push-ups
2 x 25 yd Sled Push 375/270
2 x 200m Sandbag Carry 100/60

Partners alternate on Sled Pushes and Sandbag Carries. Split push up reps evenly.
Rx guys should use the Yokes with 4 x 45s. Gals should use the sleds with 5 x 45s.