THIS is why we CrossFit.

Recently, I've been giving a lot of thought to what makes our CrossFit "box" different from others. We all do the same kind of workouts, wear similar gear, sweat and suffer with like minded people, work hard in and out of the box, etc.... but there has always been something that just feels different about our little gym. 

I think its the people. The kind of people that our gym attracts are the kind of people that want to be the best version of themselves... but don't really care if anyone else is looking. The folks at our gym are humble, gracious, giving, kind hearted people. We want to get fit not for the purpose of showing others how big our muscles are... but to use them for purposes outside the gym to make our lives, our families lives, and the lives of those around us better. If that isn't the main reason why you are trying to be in the best shape you can be in, then I'm just not sure what the whole point of all this is anyway. 

I've been really convicted lately, that we need to find a way to put what we work on to good use, outside of the gym, as a group. We could do a competition... those are fun, but I'm talking about something way bigger than that. 

A few months ago, Amy initiated a blood drive, "Ava Will Win" along with a few workouts on a Saturday, as a fun way to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. She called LifeSouth to come out and spend a few hours in our parking lot. The lady was very apprehensive. She said that she had spent a Saturday at another CrossFit gym in our area before, and although a lot of people came in and out of the box, not a single one stopped into her truck to make a donation. She was concerned that coming to our gym would be a waste of her time at a time when they really needed blood donations. 

Amy convinced her that she didn't think that would be the case. She had confidence that our athletes would show up. The lady agreed to park at CFMT, but only brought a small crew with her, because she was sure she wouldn't need more than two helpers.

That Saturday, they collected over 30 units of blood in the 5 hours they were there. They were literally turning people away, because the line to donate was so long and they didn't have enough time to get to everyone. Some of our members waited for over 2 hours, just to get their turn to donate blood. The LifeSouth crew said they were so overwhelmed, they had never seen so many people willing to sacrifice their time. 

I wasn't surprised. 

After seeing this, I prayed that we would find an opportunity to come together and put our fitness to good use. About 2 weeks later, a CFMT member and friend came to us with a problem he was dealing with. He recently stepped into a role as a board member for the Battered Women and Children's Shelter here in Huntsville. He took a tour of the property, and saw that it was in major disrepair. The appliances in the kitchen don't work, the furniture is broken, the floors are scratched up, the list goes on. This shelter is a place that women and children turn to as a last resort. This is a place that they visit because they are bruised, and hurting and are in desperate need of a safe place with a warm bed and a roof over their head. The shape this shelter is currently in is simply not acceptable for these women and kids. It needs a lot of work, and that is where you guys come in.

This friend has already coordinated with a construction manager to redesign the space and draw up plans. He will show us what to do, but he needs our help to get the construction work done.

We are planning a demolition day on Saturday, January 28, starting at 9am. We need as many people to come out and help as we can get. If you would like to participate, please text me personally at 256-652-2790, and I will share the address with you. If you have kids that would like to participate, let me know. We would like to find a way to get the kids involved as well (some ideas were for them to create artwork for the walls in the family space).

If you have young kids, and would be willing to help babysit kids at your home, while other members help, let me know that too. There are lots of ways that you and your family can help and be involved.  

We will cancel the Saturday class for that day. If you come to the shelter, I can promise you will get a great workout. To make up for it, I will coach a fun partner WOD on Sunday, January 29th at 1pm. 

I'm really proud to be associated with you all. You guys make me proud. I have no doubt that God will continue to provide us with opportunities like this, because He knows what you all are capable of. THIS is why we CrossFit.