August Athlete of the Month

 Meet Molli Kirby!! 


Why did I join CrossFit?

Because I’m crazy? Because I have 60 spare minutes every other day and I wasn’t sure what to do with them? Because I love working out?ç That is definitely not the answer! Because I was 30 when I had my first child, and 39 when I had my second child, and I get all kinds of nervous when I start doing the math for my age at all theirupcoming milestones? ç That is probably the most honest answer.

I have NEVER liked working out. I have loved tennis with friends, boot camp training with friends, running with friends, Pilates with friends, yoga with friends, healthy eating with friends, meal planning with friends…I’m pretty sure thekey component is obvious. It was to me - I have to exercise, by appointment, with friends, who will hold me accountable. Or least be glad to see me when I show up. That could be done with all the other scenarios I mentioned above, so why CrossFit? I happen to have a husband in the medical field, whose patients tend to be older and overweight. I know there are directcorrelationsbetween weight and health. I also know that weight-bearing exercises are the best ways to keep your bones dense and your body healthy. Muscles = Strength = Health. Thin = looks great in clothes, but that’s not really my goal. (It’s probably going to be a side effect, and I won’t complain at all.)I need health. I need to be strong and rocking life when my children graduate from college, find their passions, get married, and have their own children. CrossFittraining is based on functional movement. Life is based on functional movement. You do the math.

I had been considering trying CrossFit for a while, knowing I needed to start lifting weights again. (I had done the math.) I had a couple of friends who were CrossFitting and loved it. I asked them a zillion questions, then figured, why not? I got brave one day, made my appointment for the familiarization class and have never looked back.  I have been CrossFitting since early May, so about3 months.

Can I do the movements at RX? Nope. Can I do any of the movements at RX? Again, nope. But there are scales for everything, and scales for those scales (I’m looking at you, Rope Climb. The scale includes pull-ups of some kind, which can be scaled again to banded pull-ups, which can be scaled a third time to double-banded pull-ups. Ask me how I know.)And, here’s the best part – does anyone care? Not a single bit. Because I can almost guarantee they started the same way.

How has it changed me? And how has it helped me in my daily grind/athletics?

CrossFit has changed several different parts of me. It’s changed the outside “me” by toning the muscles I had, and by starting to build the muscles I want. It’s changed the daily “me” by altering my schedule. Instead of trying to fit a workout in when I found time – which was never – I work everything else around the morning classes at the box. They get written on my calendar FIRST and something has to be extremely important to bump one of my WOD days. It’s changed the conversational “me” by building my vocabulary. Box, WOD, EMOM, AMRAP, clean, jerk, kipping, RX, whiteboard, cash out – before, these things either meant NOTHING to me or something entirely different. Now, I speak the language.It’s changed the inside, integral, core “me” by making me proud of myself.I’ve finished every WOD, even if it’s after the cut-off. It’s changed the mom “me” by making sure my children understand that being healthy is what’s important. The bonus, for every one in my family, is that exercise raisesendorphin levels. So a healthy me is a happy me. (It’s also possible that I’m too exhausted after a WOD to get bent out of shape over a messy house.)

Like most moms, my daily grind is grinding. Even though I’m still in the early days of my CrossFitting, I can tell you that I recently had to carry my not-quite-40-lb sleeping daughter almost a ½ mile, and I had no problem with it. I looked at it as doing a fireman’s carry, and went. I didn’t stop, I didn’t slow down, I didn’t complain, I just carried. The bigger she gets, the stronger I’ll be. It’s the perfect solution.  My life is athletics enough. CrossFit is going to help me live it.

How have I changed my diet and incorporated that into my daily routine/Crossfit?

Like I mentioned earlier, my husband is a physician. He’s my external, healthy conscience. Yes, it’s irritating, but he’s almost always correct. (Which is what makes it irritating.) Through his research, years ago, for his own patients, I was introduced to the Paleo lifestyle. It resonated with me and I was very strict about it for many years. Lately, our family’s schedule has found us in the car more often than at home, which makes meal planning and home-cooked meals very difficult to manage. We’ve fallen off our Paleo wagon more than we’d like, but that’s ok. CrossFit has reminded me that nutrition is key to my health, just like gaining strength is. Will I ever be strict Paleo, or gluten-free, or even try a Whole30 again?Maybe.Maybe not. But I eat lots of protein and whole foods and call it good if a birthday cake happens to cross my path. A happy life is about balance. I’m balancing.

What do I think about Hampton Cove CrossFit?

HCCF is amazing. I don’t use that word lightly.  Any place or group of people who make me want to put a WOD on my schedule, actually show up, work out, post my way-less-than-RX results in PUBLIC, go all day without finding the time to shower but not carebecause I feel accomplished, and brag to my husband about what I did that morning has to be pretty amazing. HCCF is full of fun, supportive people and coaches…who make me laugh…who make me WANT to do a strict pull up and lift heavier weights…who are building a community in a box…and who are part of my rocking-life-until-I’m-104 plan. In short, I’m glad I’m there.